Complete IT Office Solutions

Linico designs. builds and provides solutions for business applications and core infrastructure including systems storage, business wide communication and networking. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise allows you to make the most of your IT investments by creating a reliable and accessible infrastructure.
With our intelligent Office design you don't have to be physically present to have control of your office. To ensure everything is running smoothly in your absence you can access all the features you need from your smartphone or tablet.



Microsoft Technology

We understand your business requirements. At Linico, we offer Microsoft platform based solutions including licenseing, Core infrastructure Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics and Apps and Development, Cloud solutions and Business Productivity Solutions.


Linico allows you to manage your IT project lifecycle from planning to development stage to operations. Our solutions align Business with IT, realize operational efficiencies, reduce costs and promote visibility of your infrastructure and recourses.

Network Troubleshooting 

Once a network is properly installed, LiNiCO offers local network troubleshooting which may be performed remotely in the event assistance is required. We are ready to provide excellent service and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

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